Come Chat at Our Community Café (Video Calls)

Come and join us at our monthly Community Café.  This is a virtual call hosted on Zoom and is open to the public.  During these calls, we foster a casual and welcoming environment for anyone that's interested in Intentional Communities or starting their own.  It's the perfect opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, share experiences, network, or simply mingle with others with similar interests.

We especially encourage those who are aspiring to form a community and individuals willing to support the formation process (and join as a member when it's established) to join the call.

Schedule and Call Format

We just launched these calls in October 2023 and are still refining the schedule and call format based on user input and suggestions.  We are currently scheduling 1-2 video calls a month.  The schedule and call format may change while we are still refining these calls.

While our calls are scheduled for 60 minutes, they are expected to last 30-60 minutes.  The actual duration may vary depending on the number of participants and the time needed for discussion topics.

How to Join The Call

Please RSVP to the call first.  You'll receive a confirmation email and it will contain the link to join our Zoom room.  The email is titled
"NICA Community Café (Video Call) - You're Registered".


If you have any inquiries about the event, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. We'd be happy to assist you.


RSVP For Our Next Call

Have technical issues? Please reach out to us.

Past Video Calls