Seeking Community / Vacancy

Typically, finding vacancies at a cooperative household tends to be a more involved and lengthy process.  A household usually seeks someone that fits their values, vision and will integrate well into their group.  All of this can extend the process of finding a good match.  If you're having trouble finding a vacancy in your area consider starting your own cooperative house




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We host our Community Gatherings events (1-3 days in length) twice a year which are a great place to meet both seekers and members of established communities.  You can learn quite a bit about starting a community from those that are a part of one and discuss what has worked for them and what didn't.



Please check out the following collection of resources we've put together.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?


Start a Community of Your Own

If you're not finding anything in your area we encourage you to consider forming a community in your area.  Whether that's a cohousing community, ecovillage, or something more manageable like a cooperative single-family household we have resources to help you out.