NICA Spring Gathering, Saturday, April 26, 2014

Food in Community

growing, buying, cooking, sharing and bonding

NICA is pleased to offer another intentional community gathering. This highly interactive event begins with the full group sharing, followed by a potluck lunch. Given the topic, you won’t be surprised to learn that some of the food will be created at different communities,. After lunch are two breakout sessions on the topics we select before lunch. We will then gather and close together.

Breakout sessions will be based on our interests – some questions…

  • How often does your community have shared meals?
  • Are you comfortable cooking for 20?
  • Why do we bond so much over eating together?
  • How do communities share cleanup? cooking? buying?
  • What is the balance between healthy food and comfort food? Kale vs ice cream?
  • How do communities use food to celebrate special events, like birthdays, holidays, etc?
  • How do we balance meals for kids and adults?


PRAG House (on Capitol Hill near Aloha)

747 16th Ave E
Seattle WA 98103

Time: 10am to 5pm

Food: Please bring a dish to share – include a label showing ingredients.

Suggested donation: $10 for the day

Parking: Free street parking is available, but time limits vary. Near Prag House, on 16th Ave E, there is a four hour time limit and you’ll need to re-park it during the day. A little farther away, one block North on 16th, between Aloha and Prospect, there is no time limit. If this block is full, you can find street parking one block east or west on either 15th Ave E or 17th Ave E on the same block north of Aloha.

Bus Routes:

  • Bus #10 from downtown stops at the corner of 15th E and Aloha (1 block from our house)
  • Bus #43 and #48 from the U-District stop about 7 blocks away at 23rd Ave E and Aloha

About PRAG house

Prag House, located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, was originally purchased in 1972 by a collective of University of Washington graduate students and professors of sociology. They put the property into Trust in 1976 to maintain it as a cooperative house in perpetuity. The purposes of Prag House are to encourage communal living as a viable alternative to private ownership of property and to encourage the growth of cooperating communities and non-polluting technologies.

We are a multigenerational community of individuals ranging in age from 5-65. Our interests and occupations include cooking, gardening, sailing, camping, pottery, and art. We enjoy sharing meals, watching movies together and maintaining the wonderful home we live in.

Currently we are working on some long term planning and projects, the most visible of which is our yard. We hope to be starting a blog soon to share our effort to steward our property in ways that reflect the values of our Trust Agreement and Use Agreement with the Evergreen Land Trust while also reflecting our personal tastes and values. Other long term projects are more structurally oriented.