Please view the video below for a demonstration of posting as well as an explanation of all the fields. Below the video is a written description of all the fields for reference. If you have any questions just send us a message.

Check your spam

After posting check your spam folder periodically for when you get responses (just in case).

Listing title

Write a general title, no need to include location, price or other details since that is captured in other fields.


Write out a full description of your ad here.


Summarize your listing description, this will show up on the index page where all the listings are displayed, as well as on the map when someone clicks on your listing pin.

Contact email

This pertains to when someone views your listing and uses the contact form on the bottom of your listing. 

  • If you leave this field blank their message will be sent to the email address you created when you registered for the site (you need to register in order to create a listing).
  • If you fill in an email address (optional) the message will be sent there instead.


  • Situations available - This is if you have something you're offering, for example; a vacancy, a job situation, or something else
  • Situation wanted - This is if you have a need, for example, you're looking for a room or something else

Contact section

Contact information you would like displayed on your listing, such as; phone, email, or a website.

Listing media (pictures)

You can add images here.

Listing location

The location is required but if you would prefer not to give out your address you can choose a city, a major nearby cross street, or a nearby Landmark for example.