NICA Spring Gathering: Getting Better Results from Meetings, Sat. April 14

You are invited to NICA’s Spring Gathering on Saturday, April 14 at Duwamish Cohousing in West Seattle. The focus of the day will be on how to improve community meetings. We will have discussions and workshops on some of the following:

  • Improving Facilitation skills
  • What is Consensus Decision-Making? The basics
  • Consensus vs. “Consensus-minus-one”
  • The importance of taking good notes
  • Preparing an effective agenda
  • Fun exercises for building community


  • Event: NICA Spring Gathering-Getting Better Results from Meetings
  • Date: Saturday, April 14, 2012
  • Time: 10am to 4pm
  • Location: Duwamish Co-housing (6000 17th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106)
  • Lunch: Pot Luck
  • Suggested Donation: $10

Map and Directions:


Driving directions to Duwamish Co-Housing,  6000 17th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106
From West Seattle Bridge

1. Head west on W Seattle Bridge (0.2 mi)

2. Take the Delridge Way SW exit toward SW Spokane St/S Seattle Comm. Col (0.2 mi)

3. Slight left onto Delridge Way SW (0.6 mi)

4. Turn left onto SW Oregon St  – 3rd light after the turn onto Delridge (128 ft)

5. Wind up Oregon, the arterial, (it has other names as you go up the hill, 23rd, Dawson) almost to the top of the hill

5. Turn right onto 17th Ave SW – follow the street to the very end (it is a dead end street) and park on the street. You will see a large building, the Common House, on the left.

Alternative and best option for parking

Access from 16th Ave, SW, and lots of on street parking:

You may continue on past 17th Ave; the street curves and becomes 16th Ave SW.  Continue south on 16th past the first sign for the South Seattle Community College; about a block past the first sign, on the left you see steps leading up to the college. Park on the street there.  Just across the street from the steps, you will see a wooden gate opening to a ramp.  Follow the ramp down and you will be in the Duwamish Co-housing  Community.  Turn right on the path and the Common House will be in front of you.

Directions on the bus:

Metro Bus #125 from downtown (it is the #11 coming from Madison Park, changes numbers downtown) comes to the South Seattle Community College entrance (less than a block from Duwamish Co-housing). It is very convenient.

Still need help? Call Frances Parks at 206-390-5855.