NICA has Openings!

Have you dreamed of helping to connect communities to each other? Have you felt called to bring your professional skills to a team with a longstanding history of collaboration and community improvement? Want to make an impact not only in the Northwest region of USA’s intentional communities network but also for any global citizens who participate in our gatherings?

This fall, the NICA Board of Directors has as many as 3 openings, for people to join the board and learn more about the organizational history and its activities from seasoned communitarians and existing board members. This is a volunteer run organization, guided and governed by the proud volunteering board members. We hold monthly meetings to help make great things happen for the intentional community movement in Northwest USA and neighboring regions of Canada.
Perks include: free entry and participation to NICA’s local and online events, great experience working within a non-hierarchical, collaborative team and learning about non-profits from the perspective of a board member, as well as having great successes to cite when updating your resume. If you’re interested in more information on the position, please reach out to us here: We look forward to hearing from you!