NICA Board Retreat Highlights

Intentional Community Slogans!

Intentional Communities present powerful opportunities for people to improve their lives, but could you express all the benefits in a slogan? In our society with less time and more content, could you introduce a phrase to hook someone’s interest in community?  At our winter retreat in February, the NICA board generated an extensive list of possible catch phrases. We then ranked them into four groups, with favorites in the first group. We invite you to consider using these phrases in your discussions and publicity. We’d love your reactions to them, and to know how other people respond. You can let us know using the contact form on our (new!) website:

Don’t have a big footprint, have a regenerative one

Build soil and community

One heart, one mind, one vacuum cleaner

Wanna change the world? Throw a better party!

Protect the commons–grow together

It takes a village


Live simply so that others may simply live

Grow common roots–for social transformation

Share the love, share the toaster [or the bathroom]

Connecting people

Live together

Catalyze social/cultural transformation

Build connection

Sing together [in tune], live in harmony

Realize your full potential–in community

Enjoy yourselves–Join enjoyment!

Enliven connection

Choose connection, not separation

Balance community and privacy