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I'm seeking to find like-minded individuals to live together somewhere between Burlington and Arlington area. Starting a weekly Zoom chat group where anyone interested is welcome to join the conference call. I envision that once there's enough cohesion and enough people feel it's right, we would move into a large rental house. This would be a low-risk test to live together for 6-12 months before purchasing a house together. Some would end up being homeowners, while others could remain renters at the new home.

The timeline is rather loose since we have this pandemic around, so there won't be any plans to move people together until the end of 2021 or later. Plenty of time to get to know each other and make plans :)

When you have a chance, please read The General Plan to better understand how we'll make this happen. Much of the plan is based on reading the "Creating a Life Together" book. The other reference book is A Consensus Handbook. Feel free to purchase or borrow them from the library to read along.


What core values and ideals will this community house be centered around?


What about other ideas such as practicing non-violence, sustainable living, LGBTQ-friendly environment, growing food on-site, etc. etc. ?

Above are the core value meant to foster a welcoming space for a community to grow. Instead of making a long list of values and ideals to attain from the start, the idea is that those are brought forth by the members of the household.

Ideally, there will be others that share overlapping values that they will champion for and enliven in the group :) So for example, if you are wanting sustainable living to be a focus of the group and there are others in the group that also want that then there's a natural interest that the household can be centered around.



Please check out the site for details or to join the weekly calls.

18729 Fir Island Rd, Washington state, United States 98273
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