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Community Still Forming
Sunnyside Village Cohousing

About the Community

Sunnyside Village Cohousing is an intentional community in Marysville, 35 miles north of Seattle. The community has a strong focus on working together, environmental sustainability, and healthy living. The 5-acre village will include 32 privately owned detached 2- and 3-bedroom homes. Community features include a shared multiuse common house, community workshop, greenhouse, organic garden, orchard, walking paths, and protected woodland.

Where Community Comes First

As a cohousing community we believe community comes first. We have each other’s backs. We know our neighbors and we help each other out. We are a community of safety and trust.

At Sunnyside Village each person has a voice. We discuss issues as a community to make decisions. Together, we create the community we want to be. We actively invite families of all ages to join our community and promote intergenerational living. We celebrate diversity – all are welcome here.

Building A Sustainable Intentional Community

We are planning today for the community of tomorrow. We live modestly and use our resources efficiently. Sunnyside’s homes and shared common house are being built to the highest standards, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Our architects and developers specialize in building sustainable intentional communities:

– The homes will be Built Green Four Star Certified for sustainability and quality construction.
– The homes will have fire-resistant premium composite roofing shingles, engineered hardwood flooring, hardy-board built siding, and fire-suppression sprinkler systems.
– The common house will be solar powered, and six electric charging stations will be located near easily accessible parking areas.

Creating A Balanced Life – Home and Work

Sunnyside Village Cohousing is being built to enhance balance between our work life and our home life. The community will offer the ability to work from home, to work from offices located in the common house, or to commute to work in nearby urban centers. Community social life will center around the multiuse common house, where we will have the opportunity to share meals, work on projects, or just visit.

In the Pacific Northwest, the natural environment is a big part of home life. Our community is located between the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) and the Cascade Mountains. The area includes a number of natural features including marine waters, tidelands, freshwater creeks and lakes, wetlands, rivers, and forests. Leisure and sport outdoor activities abound, including backpacking, boating, camping, day hiking, fishing, kayaking, kiteboarding, rowing, scrambling, skiing, snowshoeing, and swimming.

Family friendly 2- and 3-bedroom homes are for sale starting at $600,000.

Formation Stage - Status

Sunnyside Village is a forming community. The village is located on 4.75 acres which have been purchased. The design phase of the community is completed, and includes 32 privately owned detached 2- and 3-bedroom homes. The site-plan permitting process will be complete in February of 2023, and home selection for members will begin in March. The site construction will begin May/June of 2023, the horizontal construction (in-ground work) will be complete October 2023, at which point the vertical construction (building of the homes and community structures) will begin. We anticipate members will move into their homes in the autumn of 2024. As of February 2023, 20 of the 32 homes have been purchased. Visit our website for additional information. SunnysideVillageCohousing.com

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Marysville, WA, 98270, United States

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Location Details

Sunnyside Village is located between the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) and the Cascade Mountains. The community is being built on the edge of City of Marysville. Marysville is located within the Puget Sound Metropolitan Urban Areas of Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma. The community is located in a rural residential area within Marysville (population 70,000), is near the city of Everett (population 110,000), and within commuting distance to Seattle (population 737,000). As we like to say – not too urban, not too rural – the sweet spot.

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