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Bright Morning Star

About the Community

BRIGHT MORNING STAR is a six-member Greenwood household with a mix of professionals, activists, and musicians. We are looking for someone who will fit in well with our family-style, well organized, diverse, LGBTQIA-friendly and inclusive community. We’re particularly interested in someone who enjoys shared activities, especially eating together, and in someone who is active in movements for social and environmental justice. This opening will become available on March 1, 2023.

E, early 40’s, scientist, artist, buddhist (but all labels are just illusions, right?)

J, early 70’s, generates support for Native American cultural revival and co-leads a neighborhood sing-along group

N, mid 20’s, works in the coffee industry 

L, late 50’s, is an attorney serving vulnerable adults

R, early 70’s, teaches people to sing and co-leads the Seattle Raging Grannies

The house is 100+ years old with lots of character. The currently available bedroom is about 10×10 feet, on the second floor. It would be most suitable for someone who enjoys daily interactions with housemates and is active mostly in the daytime. No kegs, smoking [of anything] or pets are allowed in the house. Currently there are some scented products in personal use by housemates, but all products we share are as unscented as possible.

We share all costs: Rent: 597, Utilities: 77, Food: 295.  (depending on how many people are living here. $969 is the amount charged when 6 people are in residence): (the “food” cost reflects mostly organic food for shared dinners and all other meals; also vitamins and other supplements, shampoo, toilet and facial tissue, dental care stuff, and the miscellaneous odds and ends that a home needs—like a new spatula, or a special cleanser, or… ). There is a required refundable deposit of $200. 

We share housework, take turns going food shopping and cooking dinner, and we pitch in and help each other. We keep our common areas clean and orderly. The co-op provides Internet access, a dishwasher, and a clothes washer and dryer. We have solar hot water and solar powered electricity! We have ample on-street parking, secure indoor bicycle storage, and convenient bus access to the U-District, downtown, and points north. 

You can find out more about us from our directory listing at the Foundation for Intentional Community: https://www.ic.org/directory/bright-morning-star/  

Seeking new members?
Yes, open to new member(s)

To apply, please fill out our application form at https://forms.gle/FgEoZEXDamTuuriC8 . We look forward to hearing from you!

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