For Established Communities

To all the intentional communities out there, whatever your size, type or age - we want to see you grow and flourish. We invite you to make use of our resources.

A big thank you to all the communities that support our work.  You allow us to keep these resources available and expand our offerings. Your support fuels our mission of connecting people and communities. If you haven't yet, join other communities and support NICA by becoming a member.

Resouces for Established Communities


Broadcast an Announcement

  • If you have public events or announcements that you would like us to share, please tell us about them. We'll notify our NICA members and followers through our newsletter and Facebook page to help spread the word.

Use Our Directory

  • Finding a new member that's a good fit can be challenging and takes time.  Post a listing in our directory for your upcoming vacancy or membership openings to help in your search. 
  • You can also browse our directory for seekers
  • Additionally, if your community is open to visitors we encourage you to list this on our directory. This is a valuable resource that helps those new to Intentional Communities experience them firsthand.

RSVP to Our Next Community Gathering

  • Come join one of our upcoming Community Gathering events (Spring and Fall each year) which are a great place to meet seekers looking to join a community.
  • Mingle and network with other communitarians to discuss what has worked for them and what hasn't. 
  • Also, each event has guest speakers or workshops which can help grow your community.

Stay Connected


Connect Through Our Newsletter or Facebook

  • Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected and receive updates in your inbox. The newsletter includes announcements of our upcoming Community Gathering, any new directory listings (a great way to find new members), and various other updates.
  • You may also follow us on Facebook for similar updates if newsletters are not your thing.

Let's Talk

When writing to us please keep in mind that we're a volunteer-operated organization.  We aim to reply in a timely matter but sometimes you might experience delays, please bear with us.

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Join the team - we are a volunteer-operated nonprofit and could always use a hand to help us grow and fulfill our mission. Various skills and talents are welcome and we would love to hear from you.