Everett/Seattle Evolver Event- Getting Back Together: Intentional Community Gift Circles, March 23

Quick announcement of upcoming Evolver event in Everett/Seattle area:

See full announcement here.

A new generation of intentional communities and pioneering collectives are reimagining the way we live, love, grow food, eat, dance, and play. These are the eco-villages, artist coops, global pystrancers, tantra tribes, rebel bicycle clubs, urban homesteaders, healer co-ops, Burning Man camps, yoga ashrams, and Slab City dwellers forging new models of coexistence. This month, our 40+ Spores in the Evolver Social Movement will explore the communal ins-and-outs of intentional living – from how to facilitate group process, ways to share resources, efforts to create financial and environmentally sustainability, and even figuring out who washes the dishes and takes out the trash.

On the agenda for this months Seattle/Everett Convergence event, we will be focusing on the Economics of Gifting as a way to network our communities, tribes, families, and travelers betwixt them. Evening activities include a facilitated discussion on the evolution of intentional communities and intentional organizations, an introduction to gift economy circles and, yes, by popular demand.. a potluck >~_^<

Starting at 6:30 PM on Friday, 3/23:

1.) Opening Ceremony – a big welcome home to our new others

2.) Community Introductions – Who are you today, what’s one thing that brought you here

3.) Nourishment Potluck – Tea, water, and fruit provided by Mercury’s Outpost, food contribution not required

4.) Creative Collaboration – Viewing of the new short film on Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics then facilitated discussion on Intentional Living

5.) Gift Flow Rounds – We’ll create a gift circle of intentional community cultivators by going round to state a need first, then to offer up our extras, and gratitudes

6.) Closing Celebration – We have lots of space and it *IS* Friday night…. there is a stage, there is room for dancing, there are living room sets for conversation

Event Venue: 3231 Creatives, 3231 Broadway, Everett, WA 98290