Formation Stage Details

Active stages
Idea/Researching Recruiting Members Planing/Developing
Active stages
Recruiting Members

Home ownership type
Rental House
House (already own)
House (looking for house to purchase)
House (looking for co-owner to purchase with)
Seeking to cluster
No, seeking to establish just a single shared home.

Shared Vision of Household

In the begining, the Household Listing might be represented by the founder but should be updated occasionally as the group forms and is influenced by new members coming (or leaving). The formation stage can be very fluid at times.

Household's focus
Margenilized groups that the household intends to focus on. Not selecting one does not mean the household is not inclusive of that group, just that it's not a focus.
Household's core values


Household's acceptable environemnt
Conditions the household is ok with
Alcohol use
No preference
Tobacco use
Outside only
Marijuana use
No preference
Vegan/vegetarian friendly
Pet friendly
No preference

Expected participation level
How much will the household expect its house mates to participate in the shared values, vision, and house meetings/activites?
More independent (no participation commitment expected)
Moderate participation level
High participation level
Planned Location
Planned location:
Anacortes, WA
Planned location:
Anacortes, WA
Main Contact

Please reach out to this contact if you have any questions or would like to know more.