Daybreak Cohousing in Portland to host Fellowship of Intentional Communities semi-annual event, May 21-23

The FIC Invites NICA Members to Join Us in the Rose City!

The Fellowship for Intentional Community will be holding its semi-annual organizational meetings May 21-23, 2010 at newly constructed Daybreak Cohousing in Portland OR, and you’re invited!

Portland is a hotbed of community interest and this will mark the first time we’ve met in Oregon’s largest city. Topics in the queue include a proposal to hold an Art of Community weekend in northern CA in spring 2011, selection of this year’s recipient of the Geoph Kozeny Communitarian Award (Fred Lanphear was the inaugural recipient last year), discussion about collaborating with the Transition Town movement, and plans for enhancing our family of websites.

Thursday evening we’re having an evening soiree for people interested in community building to talk about their dreams, struggles, and accomplishments. Friday evening we’ll be meeting with Mark Lakeman of City Repair to discuss what they’ve been learning about building stronger neighborhoods.

This is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with FIC’s movers and shakers, finding out where your energy might fit into the mix, and observing some consensus veterans in action. We hope you’ll join us for the camaraderie and stimulating conversation!

For reservations or to ask questions, contact:
Jenny Upton at (434) 361-1417 or by email at