Coronavirus Online Resources for Northwest Intentional Communities (assembled especially for co-living situations)

Compiled for NW Intentional Communities Association by Jonathan Betz-Zall, 3/25/2020

FIC’s “COVID-19 Resources”  This is the main list compiled by the Foundation for Intentional Community. 

NASCO’s “COVID-19 Update and Resources” (North American Students of Cooperation’s list. Guidelines developed for large [mostly student] housing cooperatives. “Housing cooperatives and our members are in a unique position during the COVID-19 outbreak to utilize the values and skillsets we’ve prioritized as a movement: concern for community, responsibility, mutual aid, solidarity, and organization.

NASCO is working to continue our mission to provide resources and encouragement to housing cooperatives across North America during this global crisis. We are shifting our programming to meet the situation, providing space for cooperatives to build and share action plans, and connecting co-ops to resources as needed.”  Most of the links below come from here.

COVID-19 Coop House Protocol : NASCO suggestions for establishing internal agreements within households and communities. 

Communal Living in the Midst of COVID-19: “Suggestions and recommended conversations for folks with roommates” Instagram post with good questions to discuss. The last section goes into mutual aid with good food for thought.

Guided Discussion Worksheet for talking about COVID-19 response in Co-ops. This is stored on DropBox so you will have to log in [as a guest for free or through your own Dropbox account] to see it.

Collective Living & COVID-19: a selection of resources from New York City housing collectives. 

Adrienne Maree Brown “Additional Resources for Facing Coronavirus-19” Blog post from a well-known author/social commentator. “but there’s no escaping this, even with reduced contact – friends, family, media, strangers in the grocery store…we are interdependent and it shows so deeply in moments we are asked to stay apart for our own good.”

FIC’s blog post “5 Ways to Stay Connected During Social Distancing”

“All People Are Responsible for One Another : a Resource on Caring for the Sick in Times of Crisis”  from Hazon, the Jewish Lab for Sustainability. Issued to support the most vulnerable people and oppose xenophobic and racist responses to the crisis.