Call for presenters: 2011 National Cohousing Conference

NICA recently received this invitation from Cohousing USA:

The 2011 National Cohousing Conference (NCC) will be held June 17-19th in Washington DC. We are in need of speakers, presenters, panel members and workshop makers extraordinaire to share their expertise and knowledge during this exciting event. We need you!

As the absolute best place to reach the entire cohousing world in one fell swoop, there will also be unique opportunities by holding this event in Washington DC, to show how cohousing is relevant, resilient and a path forward. In fact, that is exactly how we are structuring the conference to help all this information come together holistically for the people and groups that make up the cohousing constellation.

Friday will be focused on the ways that cohousing is relevant to an individual, family, community and to our society at large. Saturday will be focused on building skills for a resilient and joyous future; looking deeply into issues that are basic to creating, maintaining or understanding cohousing – and applying them to the real world. On Sunday we will be looking for the conference goers to help build a path forward and to steer the future of cohousing itself. Pretty exciting stuff.

We have developed this conference with a close focus on the constituent groups involved. While we have organized them into five ‘tracks’ we all know that no one person or community ever falls solely into one track and that any given presentation could appeal to a wide range of interests, so these are provided mostly as guidance as to who we feel is being served by this event.

  • Living in Community: Existing Cohousing Communities
  • Forming Communities: Individuals and groups in progress or new to the concepts involved
  • Supporting Communities: Public and Government agencies, policy makers
  • Building Community: Professionals and thought leaders in the cohousing and parallel progressive movements
  • Understanding Community: Media, Researchers and Academics

Please review the themes and tracks suggested for the 2011 NCC to determine how best to contribute your time and energy to this effort. Suggested topics and the information that will be required for submission can be found by clicking here.

Additionally, if you believe you have an outstanding topic for presentation that we have not listed, we will review all submissions for possible incorporation. We are trying to avoid duplicate or similar presentations, which will be screened during the review process after the submission deadline.

The “Call for Speakers” will be reviewed through an online database that allows potential speakers to provide submissions electronically. Please use the link below to send your submission to become a speaker at the 2011 NCC. Your participation is encouraged and appreciated! You don’t have to submit your actual presentation at this time, just provide the electronic submission with the information outlined on the link above.

Go to EasyChair to start your submission to participate as a speaker at the 2011 Conference. Submissions must be received by January 28, 2011. Again, your presentation topic and summary are required by this date, not the full written paper and/or PowerPoint presentation.

For more information about the 2011 National Cohousing Conference, please click here.

Before, after or during submissions, if you have any questions, please use the EasyChair system. In dire circumstances you can contact