50th Annual Human Relations Laboratory and Picnic, Aug 4-10, 2019

Sponsored by the Goodenough Community

How to Live in Heaven, HERE!

Click on image to download full flyer plus picnic announcement

Lab feels like heaven – right here and right now. Heaven is not a location but a state of mind, an attitude of AWE and WONDER. We can create heaven inside ourselves through spiritual and psychological development, and between and among individuals through relationships, collaborative circles, and the culture we create together.


  • Practice radical openness in a safe context
  • Connect deeply with others who are also growing themselves
  • Dissolve barriers to love
  • Enjoy creative expression of all kinds
  • Live in the natural world, explore freedom and energy, and live in the present

Download full flyer for details on the Lab picnic on August 10.

Cost: $750

The Lab fee includes accommodations and learning materials.
Special rates available for groups of three or more, seniors, students, and interns.
Please consider an additional tax-deductible donation to the scholarship fund. Thank you.

To learn more and register, call (360) 275-3957 or visit: www.goodenough.org/lab