Fall Gathering on Saturday, October 14 with the theme, Our Communities as Social Change Labs

We are excited to announce a full agenda of activities on Saturday,  Oct 14 from 10 AM to 5 PM, with optional activities before and after that. It will be hosted by Beacon House, in Seattle. Beacon House is part of Star Community, which presently is composed of five households.

Join members of intentional communities and others curious about options for living in community to explore the topic of Intentional Communities as Social Change Laboratories.

We will have introductions and community updates in the AM. Lunch will be a shared potluck with the main dish being provided by our hosts. We will seek to accommodate most dietary needs. In the afternoon, we’ll enjoy Open Space discussions and a taste of The Forum, facilitated by Star Community members.

Members of NICA can attend for free, and you can choose membership on the registration form itself.

Registration is now open! Please go here for more details:


Pre-Gathering event:

Beacon House hosts the movie, “Inside Out” (doors open at 6pm, movie at 7:30pm) Friday, Oct 13.

Post event was postponed and announced later:  A screening of 2 Tamera videos. Tamera is an IC in Portugal. FFI, see www.tamera.org/index.html
Join us on Sunday, October 15 at 10am for a screening of the introduction to the Love School held in California, as well as “A Taste of New Culture”, documentary filmed at Tamera. Event may go until 2:00 PM, with a break for lunch.
They talk about their history of forming communities and how they handle interpersonal relationships and ecological projects. Come be inspired by this alternative way of living and the possibilities it holds.
Terra Nova, ZEGG forum, peace work initiatives in Israel/Palestine, Kenya, Colombia, are all linked to Tamera.
Show up as early as 10am to socialize and share snacks, and videos start promptly at 11am.
People may attend these free pre- and post- events even if they are not attending the NICA Fall Gathering on Saturday, Oct. 14.
We ask that people use Facebook links to RSVP so that we have an idea of how many people are coming.
* NO SCENTS — including: no perfume, no cologne, no strong scents in oil, lotion, or hair products, etc.
* no pets, of any kind
* no smoke

Save the Date: October 14 for Fall Gathering 2017

More info will be sent later, but the general schedule will be typical for a 1-day NICA Gathering. It will be on a Saturday,  starting around 10 AM, go until 4:30 or 5 PM, and in this case there will be optional evening activities for those who wish to stay. It will be hosted by Star Community, at a house in North Beacon Hill/Rainier Valley area of Seattle.

We will do our best to help facilitate ride-shares, and arrange homestays for people who are interested to come on Friday night or stay over on Saturday, returning to their homes on Sunday.

Stay tuned for updates!

Call for Photos of Intentional Communities!

We are working on new display boards and a new NICA brochure, so we would appreciate some updated photos of your community: the buildings, people, gardens, animals, whatever. 

While you’re at it, tell us if there have been important changes you’d like us to know. Digital images preferred. Send to gogreen (at)usa.com. If you’re sending prints via USPS, you can address it to Syd/NICA at 9209 Palatine Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103.

Please send them to arrive by June 22 if possible. Outreach opportunities await! 

C0-Housing 101 Workshop

Click on image to open and print out full-size flyer

Here is an upcoming opportunity to learn about cohousing or to share information about your interest/forming community. If you are in the latter camp, please come prepared to talk about your community (each group will have 3-5 minutes). If you have any flyers or graphics to share, please contact the event sponsor, Grace Kim.

This is the link for the Eventbrite registration page. Please share via social media or other personal networks.


Curious About Co-Housing?

Capital Hill Urban Co-Housing hosts event on Sunday, March 26,10:00 AM at 12th Ave Arts (Pike Pine Room) – 1620 12th Ave, Seattle  

Here’s an opportunity to learn about cohousing, or share information about your interest/forming community. If you are in the latter camp, please come prepared to talk about your community. Optional tour of Capital Hill Cohousing immediately after public meeting.

Please RSVP. Below is the link for the Eventbrite registration page. Please feel free to share via social media or other personal networks.


Also, there’s National Cohousing Open House Day April 29, 2017.

Find out about other cohousing communities in the area, here!

Ananda Community : Open House & Solstice Celebration

Farm fresh produce, fresh ideas to chew on, re-fresh-ments to munch on, music to savor, joy-filled art to digest, Solstice inspiration & energy to synthesize, and, a freshly-made vegetarian dinner with new friends to enjoy. Free and all are welcome!

Saturday, June 20, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
20715 Larch Way, Lynnwood 98036

The Ananda Community in Lynnwood invites you to a summer solstice afternoon enjoying market faire booths with organic no-till farm produce, bakery items, crafts, gifts, books, activities for children, and much more. 

This annual open house and solstice celebration includes music, refreshments, art gallery, farm-garden tours, and a free vegetarian dinner!

Special guest speakers at the one-hour Solstice Celebration from 5 to 6 p.m. will be Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi Novak, spiritual directors of the nine intentional Ananda Communities worldwide. 

Other special guests will include members from other local intentional communities.

Vendors will include Ananda Farms of Camano Island, East West Bookshop of Seattle, Living Wisdom Thrift and Gifts, Living Wisdom School of Seattle, Ananda Meditation Center, and individual vendors, artists, and health practitioners.

3-day Sociocracy Workshop with Diana Leafe Christian, Jan 31-Feb 2 at Windsong Cohousing, Langley, BC

3-Day Sociocracy Workshop
– Sociocracy overview
– Experiential exercises:
— Proposals – Plan/Implement/Evaluate feedback loops
— The linked circles governance structure
— Aim of each circle
— Consent Decision-Making, Proposal-Forming
— Selecting People for Roles, Role-Improvement Feedback
– Implementing Sociocracy in your group

Location: Windsong Cohousing
20543 96th Avenue, Langley, BC, V1M 3W3

Sociocracy (also called Dynamic Governance in the US) is an increasingly popular governance and decision-making method based on the principles of transparency, equivalency, and effectiveness. When a community uses Sociocracy correctly, their governance process tends to become far more effective than when using consensus.

“We’ve made more decisions in the past two months than we have in the past two years!” —Davis Hawkowl, Pioneer Valley Cohousing, Massachusetts.

A visitor said she’d never seen a community meeting be so effective, efficient,
and fun!” —Hope Horton, Hart’s Mill Ecovillage, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US.

Sponsored by The Sociocracy Consulting Group.

Cost: $335. Bring your lunch or sign up for a catered lunch for $15.00. Shuttle service to Windsong Cohousing from King George SkyTrain station.

For more information about this three-day workshop at Windsong Cohousing in B.C., click here.

Register for Workshop

Learn more about how Sociocracy can benefit businesses and nonprofits, see this workshop description written especially for people in businesses and nonprofits.

NICA Fall Gathering on Sat, Nov. 8, 2014

We’re pleased to announce that the NICA 2014 Fall Gathering will be at Songaia Cohousing Community near Bothell, WA on Saturday, 11/8/2014 from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Creating Community Anywhere

Many involved in the Intentional Communities movement use the phrase “community where you are” as a code phrase for community building outside of the context of residential intentional communities. We all live in community and we all benefit when our communities are more effective.

In this NICA gathering, we’ll step beyond Intentional Community and explore community building in all forms of community or groups, whether they be residential, within the workplace, churches, political action groups, clubs or any other group. At the 11/8/2014 NICA Fall Gathering, we’ll consider many subtopics within the broad sweep of this topic. Topics we choose to explore will be based on the interests and experiences of those who show up. As is our tradition, in preparation for the event, we pose a number of questions to help stimulate your thinking:

  1. What creates bonding, or the glue that connects and builds community?
  2. What challenges the building of community?
  3. How do you encourage participation in your community?
  4. How do communities weather the storms?
  5. What celebrations, events, or rituals help build community?
  6. What single event in the past year would you want a potential new resident to experience?
  7. If you were looking to join a community what kind of event would you want to experience?
  8. How do you build and strengthen the community bonds in groups you are now part of?
  9. How does working together on a community project or in your job help build community?
  10. How do challenges/tragedies/problems bring people together?

At the event itself, we’ll form subgroups and learn and teach with each other. Those with experience at NICA events know this will be a lively and engaging experience.

Do you have other ideas or questions that you’d like to see considered? Just log in and post them in the comments section below – or bring them to the event.


10:00am  Opening circle, announcements
10:30am  Group discussion about the topic
12:00pm  Potluck Lunch
1:00pm    Afternoon circle, song, Discussion
1:30pm    First set of Afternoon workshop/discussions
2:15pm    Break
2:30pm   Second First set of Afternoon workshop/discussions
3:15pm    Break
3:30pm   Final circle discussion and closing
4:00pm   Community Tour

What: 2014 NICA Fall Gathering, with Potluck lunch and Songaia tour

When: Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 10am to 5pm

Where: Songaia Cohousing Community22401 39th Ave. SE., Bothell, WA 98021 (map link)

Why: To learn, to teach, to do our part to grow a more vibrant, sustainable culture.

How: Bring yourself and food for the potluck lunch to Songaia for the event. Please label any dishes to help those with special dietary, e.g., vegan/vegetarian/omnivore, dairy/non-dairy, gluten-free, etc.

NICA Spring Gathering, Saturday, April 26, 2014

Food in Community

growing, buying, cooking, sharing and bonding

NICA is pleased to offer another intentional community gathering. This highly interactive event begins with the full group sharing, followed by a potluck lunch. Given the topic, you won’t be surprised to learn that some of the food will be created at different communities,. After lunch are two breakout sessions on the topics we select before lunch. We will then gather and close together.

Breakout sessions will be based on our interests – some questions…

  • How often does your community have shared meals?
  • Are you comfortable cooking for 20?
  • Why do we bond so much over eating together?
  • How do communities share cleanup? cooking? buying?
  • What is the balance between healthy food and comfort food? Kale vs ice cream?
  • How do communities use food to celebrate special events, like birthdays, holidays, etc?
  • How do we balance meals for kids and adults?


PRAG House (on Capitol Hill near Aloha)

747 16th Ave E
Seattle WA 98103

Time: 10am to 5pm

Food: Please bring a dish to share – include a label showing ingredients.

Suggested donation: $10 for the day

Parking: Free street parking is available, but time limits vary. Near Prag House, on 16th Ave E, there is a four hour time limit and you’ll need to re-park it during the day. A little farther away, one block North on 16th, between Aloha and Prospect, there is no time limit. If this block is full, you can find street parking one block east or west on either 15th Ave E or 17th Ave E on the same block north of Aloha.

Bus Routes:

  • Bus #10 from downtown stops at the corner of 15th E and Aloha (1 block from our house)
  • Bus #43 and #48 from the U-District stop about 7 blocks away at 23rd Ave E and Aloha

About PRAG house

Prag House, located on Capitol Hill in Seattle, was originally purchased in 1972 by a collective of University of Washington graduate students and professors of sociology. They put the property into Trust in 1976 to maintain it as a cooperative house in perpetuity. The purposes of Prag House are to encourage communal living as a viable alternative to private ownership of property and to encourage the growth of cooperating communities and non-polluting technologies.

We are a multigenerational community of individuals ranging in age from 5-65. Our interests and occupations include cooking, gardening, sailing, camping, pottery, and art. We enjoy sharing meals, watching movies together and maintaining the wonderful home we live in.

Currently we are working on some long term planning and projects, the most visible of which is our yard. We hope to be starting a blog soon to share our effort to steward our property in ways that reflect the values of our Trust Agreement and Use Agreement with the Evergreen Land Trust while also reflecting our personal tastes and values. Other long term projects are more structurally oriented.

Dynamic Governance Workshop

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez will be doing a one-day Sociocracy workshop on Sunday, January 25th in Seattle – 2100 24th Avenue South. (His workshop is called “Dynamic Governance.” a different name for Sociocracy.) The price is $120-$40 sliding scale, $75 as median price