50th Annual Human Relations Laboratory and Picnic, Aug 4-10, 2019

Sponsored by the Goodenough Community

How to Live in Heaven, HERE!

Click on image to download full flyer plus picnic announcement

Lab feels like heaven – right here and right now. Heaven is not a location but a state of mind, an attitude of AWE and WONDER. We can create heaven inside ourselves through spiritual and psychological development, and between and among individuals through relationships, collaborative circles, and the culture we create together.


  • Practice radical openness in a safe context
  • Connect deeply with others who are also growing themselves
  • Dissolve barriers to love
  • Enjoy creative expression of all kinds
  • Live in the natural world, explore freedom and energy, and live in the present

Download full flyer for details on the Lab picnic on August 10.

Cost: $750

The Lab fee includes accommodations and learning materials.
Special rates available for groups of three or more, seniors, students, and interns.
Please consider an additional tax-deductible donation to the scholarship fund. Thank you.

To learn more and register, call (360) 275-3957 or visit: www.goodenough.org/lab

2019 NICA Spring Gathering held on Saturday, April 27

Date and Venue

April 27, from 10 AM to 4:30 PM
at Maxwelton Creek Cohousing (on Whidbey Island)

Theme:  Affordable Housing in Intentional Communities

To RSVP, or if you have questions, send email to info@nwcommunities.org

People can attend a gathering at no cost if you have a current NICA membership!

You may start or renew membership in advance or we ask for a suggested donation of $15 per person at the gathering. (Households/families can attend for a group rate. Kids are welcome.)  A Vegetarian Main Dish was provided for lunch. Other attendees brought potluck items that were delicious!

At the end of the day we had a tour of the property.


Spring 2018 edition of Communities magazine focuses on “Class, Race, and Privilege”

In today’s world, it’s rare to find positive and engaging stories that simultaneously expose readers to sensitive topics like race, class, and social barriers and biases. The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC), a nonprofit organization with offices based in Rutledge, Missouri and Louisa, Virginia, has produced Communities magazine for the past 25 years, exploring the joys and challenges of navigating such issues together in cooperative groups.

The Spring 2018 edition of Communities, released on March 7, focuses on “Class, Race, and Privilege,” and contains more than 20 articles which look unflinchingly at a major “elephant in the room”—the relative lack of racial and class diversity in most intentional communities, at least in North America—while suggesting ways of understanding and addressing it.

For those who are unaware, intentional communities are essentially planned developments with a purpose, with members who share common social, economic, philosophical, or political interests. These communities come in a variety of forms, including cohousing, ecovillages, cooperative houses, and communes.

The magazine issue’s relevance extends far beyond intentional communities, which serve as microcosms for dealing with these core social concerns. In order to facilitate wider distribution and readership of this issue, the FIC is offering digital copies of issue #178 for free download from https://www.ic.org/community-bookstore/product/communities-magazine-178-spring-2018-class-race-privilege —including formats compatible with every variation of electronic device.

The FIC is soliciting donations to support this offering, but not as a condition of digital issue download.

Authors share stories of obstacles they’ve encountered (from both sides of the privilege equation) and positive steps they and their groups have taken to move toward greater inclusivity and equity. They also reflect honestly on the deep-rootedness of unconscious racism, of social and cultural barriers, of problems of power, privilege, classism, “white fragility,” and more.

To learn more about the Fellowship for Intentional Community visit www.ic.org or www.facebook.com/FellowshipForIntentionalCommunity. The FIC is funded by members, donors, and subscribers, and it also offers the public an online community bookstore with hundreds of low-cost and free resources, and a directory for searching for and locating intentional communities across the globe

Sociocracy Workshop, April 26-29

Diana Leafe Christian (author of books, *Finding Community: How to Join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community* and *Creating a Life Together* and a member of Earthaven Ecovillage) will train participants in this dynamic method of self-governance.

Sociocracy, also called Dynamic Governance, is a system of governance using consent decision making, involving all those who do the work deciding what to do and how they work.

This workshop is perfect for people living in, or preparing to live in, cooperative intentional communities.

Carpooling is encouraged. Bring layered clothing. Swimsuit optional if you would like to use hot tubs.

If you prefer to camp in a tent at Sahale rather than have indoor accommodations, please contact Colette, hoff(at)goodenough.org to make arrangements. People with limited funds or temporary hardship may request financial assistance by writing info(at)nwcommunities.org.

You may arrive on Thursday, April 27 anytime after 3:00 PM, or show up on Friday, April 28. Content delivery is Friday 9:00 A.M. through Sunday midday.

The event will be held at the Sahale Learning Center, near Belfair, WA. (Sahale is owned & operated by the Goodenough Community.)

Sahale’s 68 acres hold many gifts: a quiet forest, an old orchard of many fruits and a magical sacred grove of ancient cedars. The ever-changing Tahuya River; a bubbling spring; and a quiet pond. Surrounded by hills and forest, there’s an open vista over a valley.

The event is cosponsored by NICA & Goodenough discounted rates for NICA members.

Fees $125 – $330

Registration fees include meals and lodging.

Register here

For general questions or payment options, contact registrar at 206-679-5342.



Fall Gathering on Saturday, October 14 with the theme, Our Communities as Social Change Labs

We are excited to announce a full agenda of activities on Saturday,  Oct 14 from 10 AM to 5 PM, with optional activities before and after that. It will be hosted by Beacon House, in Seattle. Beacon House is part of Star Community, which presently is composed of five households.

Join members of intentional communities and others curious about options for living in community to explore the topic of Intentional Communities as Social Change Laboratories.

We will have introductions and community updates in the AM. Lunch will be a shared potluck with the main dish being provided by our hosts. We will seek to accommodate most dietary needs. In the afternoon, we’ll enjoy Open Space discussions and a taste of The Forum, facilitated by Star Community members.

Members of NICA can attend for free, and you can choose membership on the registration form itself.

Registration is now open! Please go here for more details:


Pre-Gathering event:

Beacon House hosts the movie, “Inside Out” (doors open at 6pm, movie at 7:30pm) Friday, Oct 13.

Post event was postponed and announced later:  A screening of 2 Tamera videos. Tamera is an IC in Portugal. FFI, see www.tamera.org/index.html
Join us on Sunday, October 15 at 10am for a screening of the introduction to the Love School held in California, as well as “A Taste of New Culture”, documentary filmed at Tamera. Event may go until 2:00 PM, with a break for lunch.
They talk about their history of forming communities and how they handle interpersonal relationships and ecological projects. Come be inspired by this alternative way of living and the possibilities it holds.
Terra Nova, ZEGG forum, peace work initiatives in Israel/Palestine, Kenya, Colombia, are all linked to Tamera.
Show up as early as 10am to socialize and share snacks, and videos start promptly at 11am.
People may attend these free pre- and post- events even if they are not attending the NICA Fall Gathering on Saturday, Oct. 14.
We ask that people use Facebook links to RSVP so that we have an idea of how many people are coming.
* NO SCENTS — including: no perfume, no cologne, no strong scents in oil, lotion, or hair products, etc.
* no pets, of any kind
* no smoke