Fall Gathering warm-ups

Here are some questions to prime the pump for the NICA Fall Gathering, to be hosted by the Ananda Community in Lynwood, WA:

  • What are the spoken or unspoken values that guide your relationships and your decision-making processes?
  • What gives your community strength?
  • How does your community wrestle with a culture that is built on spirit even if you don’t call it that?
  • How do people in your community feed their soul?
  • Do you have a specific ritual life?
  • What are your community traditions and what do they mean to you?
  • How do you celebrate?

Feel free to provide your thoughts as comments to this message.

One Reply to “Fall Gathering warm-ups”

  1. This is a wonderful topic… and a really good fit with what I understand of the Ananda community. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from a variety of intentional community forms…

    large, networked spiritual communities
    small urban cooperative households (I hope they are represented)
    non-residential communities

    Craig, Exec. Dir.
    Cohousing Association of the United States

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